I felt that I was old.
But heart still quickly beats as she touches love.
Love is everywhere;
Is there, is here, growing up as long as my hair can be,
So much beautiful like your smile you gave to me.

You’re young, ‘neath the stars but above the waving leaves on the top of woods.
Always be the furthest horizon I wanna paint.
I wanna draw some lines and a circle,
And colorize ’em with red, orange, yellow and violet.
A piece of poem I will make aside.
Drops of rainfall will blur your eyes.
Faces will go evanescing behind forgotten walls.
Figures will be engraved into ghostly winds.
Voices will melt like southern ices.
But colors of memories last forever.
And strokes of love round ever.
Smoothly as sands.
Glossily as bubbles.
In the sunbeam.